Sealed US Army Military Surplus Chemical Gloves Medium – NBC Biological $7.50 ea. 2 pair$7.13ea. 3 pair $6.75 ea. 4 or more $6.60 ea.

Military Gloves still in the wrapper
Well Guys and Gals we got several pallets of these for helping clean out a warehouse. Tried selling a few, used a few and let 6 years slip away. A few weeks ago was looking for something and stumbled over these. They seemed a little small at first my hand is a large but after a bit they fit perfect, in fact the last several days I have been wearing them full time at the shop.
Medium Gloves still in the wrapper. I took the set out and used them to clean a machine. They were a little snug on my hands I probably need a large but they worked.  We do have many of these if you are looking for more.
We have lots of these and we are not sure best way to ship them, we will update as we find best way.


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