This is a Thermal Transfer B-702-B4-F-BR Water-Cooled Oil Cooler

TTP B-702 B-702-B4-F-BR Industrial Hydraulic Oil Cooler, 29 gpm, 15 gpm, 1 in Oil Inlet Port, 1 in Oil Outlet Port

The B Series is very versatile in its ability to accommodate multiple application requirements. The smaller size unit features tube options with greater surface area and multiple baffle spacing options to optimize heat transfer and pressure drop. The B series is a non-ferrous design. Brass construction makes it ideal for water to water, including sea water cooling applications.

Bearing Lube Oil, Hydraulic Motor Oil, Hydrostatic Drive Oil and Lube Oil Circuits

Dimensions              :           22.57 in L x 5.25 in W x 6.25 in H

Flow Rate      :           29 gpm, 15 gpm

Maximum Oil Pressure                 :           250 psi

Maximum Oil Temperature        :           110 to 130 deg F Hydraulic Motor Oil, 130 to 180 deg F Hydrostatic Drive Oil, 120 to 160 deg F Bearing Lube Oil, 110 to 130 deg F Lube Oil Circuits

Maximum Water Pressure          :           150 psi

Model            :           B-702

Mounting Type       :           Feet

Oil Cooler Material            :           Brass

Oil Inlet Port Connection Type               :           NPT

Oil Inlet Port Size               :           1 in

Oil Outlet Port Connection Type           :           NPT

Oil Outlet Port Size            :           1 in

Operating Temperature               :           350 deg F

Water Inlet Port Connection Type        :           NPT

Water Inlet Port Size         :           3/4 in

Water Outlet Port Connection               :           NPT

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