Edward Segal Grommet Washer Machine Model 83 Eyelet Machine $6,899

Well, we have an eyelet machine in very nice shape. I will get a video of this machine as well as some more pictures.  However, this is a model 83 machine and I believe we have another hopper for different size eyelets. I will look around to see if we have it.
The base machine is appropriate for.


  • eyelets with barrel diameter ranging from .091’’ to .375’’ and a maximum flange diameter of .438’’.
  • Single and multiple eyelet settings where materials are pre-punched or where the eyelet cuts its own hole
  • Single eyelet settings where materials are pulled over a spear point anvil.
Machine size and specs
    • Frame: Cast iron; Dimensions overall: Height 24 ½ ”; Length 23”; Width 12”
    • Weight: Net 300 lbs , crated 350 lbs
    • Stroke: 2 ¾ ” standard (Special strokes available 2”  to 3 ½ ”)
    • Throat Depth: (center of Ram to Frame) 7 ¼ ” standard (special throat depth to 15”)
    • Flywheel Speed: 200 RPM
    • Motor:  1140 RPM, ¼ to ½ HP, as required
    • Clutch: Sliding Dog Type with Non-Repeat Device
    • Safety Device Options:
      Ring Guard
      Double Palm Buttons
    • Electric: 110v, 60hz, 1ph

Pneumatic:  60-80 psi


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