Angels Wing Nisso Marr Scaffolding Nice Shape $1,225

Nisso Angels Wing.

This Angels Wing just came in. It is in nice shape and surprisingly lite. I will get the size tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hanging Duralumin Stage for Final Tightening of Beams

Angel’s wing (PATD) is an outstanding product created by applying the extensive experience and advanced technologies of Nisso Industries. Ease of installation, removal, and transport make Angel’s wing popular on construction sites. Angel’s wing comes into its own for the final tightening with bracket-type steel columns.

With additional options mounted, Angel’s wing can be used for repair of concrete handrails.


Amazingly lightweight!

Made of duralumin, Angel’s wing is extremely lightweight.
One-touch installation and removal!
Angel’s wing can be easily moved and quickly installed and removed by one person.


Angel’s wing folds with one touch, minimizing the space required for transportation and storage.


No heavy machinery is required for conversion. Angel’s wing contributes to reduced construction time and costs.

Outstandingly safe design!

All parts are designed to be robust and safe at five times the total weight of 200 kg.

Total quality control!

All parts are stringently checked to prevent discrepancies between products.

Beautiful appearance!

Angel’s wing features both rationality and an aesthetic sense and has an Alumite finish for a beautiful appearance.

Non-flammable and rustproof!

Made of duralumin to eliminate the risks of fire and rust.


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