A&L  was a family owned business that we purchased in 1997. My father started the business in the 1970’s but we were not sure why he named it A&L. Originally, we thought it was because of my name being Allen and my brother Lewis. Finally, we realized that he called it A&L because we were always losing things and therefore always looking for things. So, A&L…Always Looking.

Originally, when we started, we were a machine shop or to be exact, a job shop which is a shop that bids on your parts and makes them to your specifications. We ran the company as a Job shop until about 2005 when through a series of blunders and mistakes with finances, I began to ask a different question.  “What would I do, If I could do anything  and money was no object?” 

 I had just accepted Christ in my life and was determined to find the passion in my life. No more working just for the money of it… The burning question again was “What would I do if I could do anything and money was no object?”  An interesting question but one that is not easily answered so I kept asking what’s next? I love people so I was not going  to be stuck in front of a machine. Finances were draining and I had done some selling before and loved it. So, I figured, I have some machines and I will sell them. 

Then after selling some of my things a friend said hey, I want to sell something can you help me. You seem to be good at that and I hate dealing with people. That was the “Aha” moment! Maybe other people don’t like selling their stuff and perhaps I could help them.  We have been helping people ever since and we are always looking for customers in need of items. Now, we are always looking for machines for customers.   A&L   Always Looking… for you.   Good Job Dad!