55 Gallon Drum Crusher Vestil HDC-900-IDC 230 volt 3 phase LA $4,500


Drum Crusher
This nice unit just came in. This unit was used in in a plant however, as you can see not used a lot. We will get more pics and try to get a video.


Crushing Force:

  • 38,000 lbs.

Crushing Time:

  • Under 60 seconds (one way stroke)

Crushing Height:

  • Crushes drum to under 4 1/2”

Heavy Duty Construction:

  • Made from 7/8” thick rolled steel plate

Drum Sizes to be crushed:

  • 30 gallon drum
  • 55 gallon drum

Platen Spike:

  • Steel spike on platen to pierce sealed drum before crushing

Safety Door Interlock:

  • Stops crusher if door is opened

No Electrical:

  • No electricals on drum crusher body to spark or create explosion

Remote Hydraulic Power Unit:

  • Can be located away from crusher body


  • Two 10’ hoses included (optional lengths available)

Power Unit Drive:

  • 5 horsepower, 3-phase 230V / 460V AC electric motor standard (other options available—see below)

Semi-Automatic Valve:

  • Provides automatic neutral when lifting platen


  • 106”


  • 36”


  • 2450 lbs.





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