55 Gallon Drum Crusher Advanced Fluid Power Drum Crusher DC-40 LA $7,800

This nice unit just came in. It is in very nice shape and does have the panel which is not shown but will come with it.  As you can see, the hydraulic tank and crusher are very heavy wall 7/8  thick AA (built like a tank) We did not run it yet but we will get a video of this unit for you.


Crushing Force:

  • 38,000 lbs.

Crushing Time:

  • Under 60 seconds (one way stroke)

Crushing Height:

  • Crushes drum to under 4 1/2”

Heavy Duty Construction:

  • Made from 7/8” thick rolled steel plate

Drum Sizes to be crushed:

  • 30 gallon drum
  • 55 gallon drum

Platen Spike:

  • Steel spike on platen to pierce sealed drum before crushing

Safety Door Interlock:

  • Stops crusher if door is opened

No Electrical:

  • No electricals on drum crusher body to spark or create explosion

Remote Hydraulic Power Unit:

  • Can be located away from crusher body


  • Two 10’ hoses included (optional lengths available)

Power Unit Drive:

  • 5 horsepower, 3-phase 230V / 460V AC electric motor standard (other options available—see below)

Semi-Automatic Valve:

  • Provides automatic neutral when lifting platen


  • 106”


  • 36”


  • 2450 lbs.